“Do You Play Enough?” by Suzanne Rivard

playLife can be really busy. We have work, the kids, our household chores and the list goes on and on. We get caught up in all we have to do and simply forget to take time out for ourselves. We forget to take time to play.

Taking time out to play and enjoy yourself can have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself, your stress levels and the enjoyment you get out of life.

Do you take time out to simply play? To do activities that you enjoy and bring you joy. It really doesn’t matter what these activities are. Simply that they bring you joy just by doing them.

This past weekend I spent at the Moon Gate Bed & Breakfast, away from the computer and my regular activities and distractions — no cell, no emails, no computer, no TV. There was time to simply be. I had time to reconnect with nature, time to listen to the birds and the flow of the river drifting by. It was very nurturing for my soul.

I went tubing down the river. While I was tubing I thought to myself, “This is really nice. To simply be out in nature and just enjoying the moment. I don’t do this enough.“

There are so many things that I can fill my days and life with. The list is never ending. If I don’t make a point of taking some time to play, then it doesn’t happen. Is this the same for you?

At the end of our life we cannot take all our worldly possessions with us. We can only take our memories and experiences. Most of us will probably reflect on our life. I know I won’t be telling myself, “I wish I had worked more.” I will be telling myself, “I wish I had played more.”

What do you do for playtime?



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