“Have You Heard of a Gratitude Board?” by Suzanne Rivard

Gratitude Board


The other day I was really struggling to shift myself into a more positive and productive space. In the past I would reflect on things and people that I’m grateful for and also write them down. It dawned on me that having a visual reminder that I can look at daily would be very powerful for me.

The week before I had created a Vision Board for myself. On the board I have all my long-term goals. It’s a great tool for keeping me focused on why I’m doing what I’m doing. What I want to create for my life.

The thought came to me; why not use this same process to create a Gratitude Board, so I did.


This is how to create your own Gratitude Board.


How to build your Gratitude Board?


This should be a fun process! Put on some music you love while doing this.

  1. First you’ll need to get yourself a board, a board that you’ll attach your images to. It can be a pushpin board, a corkboard, a white board, a large poster board, or you can even use your fridge with magnets, whatever works for you.
  1. Next you’ll have to determine what you’re grateful for. Spend some time to reflect and write down what you are grateful for. These should be very powerful for you, so that when you think about them you are really able to tap into feeling grateful.
  1. Now that you have your list, you want to find visual representations (one for each gratitude on your list). Get yourself some old magazines, newspapers, cards, books or surf the Internet to find pictures that really represent your gratitudes. Cut out the images. Gather photos of the people in your life that you are grateful for.
  1. When you have all your images and your board, now you can put together a collage of all your images onto the board. Make it visually appealing to you.


How to use your Gratitude Board?


  1. Put your board in a place where you can see it often as a reminder to being grateful. Several times a day look at your board.
  1. To amp up your gratitude even more, sit in front of your board for several minutes and really feel the feelings of gratitude. Look at each image and FEEL GRATEFUL.

I have found that my Gratitude Board is a very effective tool to keep reminding me to be grateful, even when my thoughts are going a mile a minute. The visual catches my eye and gets me to slow down, reflect on gratitude, and shifts me into a better space.


When are you going to create Your Gratitude Board?



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