“Gratitude in Times of Challenge” by Suzanne Rivard

"Top 10 Lessons for the Living" By Suzanne Rivard
"Be the Creative Force of Your Life" by Suzanne Rivard

Being grateful for people and things in your life shifts how you view life. When you are in a place of gratitude life is more joyous. You notice the good in people. You celebrate even the small things. Everything is as it should be and you’re happier!

It’s in the times of challenge when it is not easy to be grateful.

When we are facing challenges it’s usually those challenges that are on the forefront of our thoughts. We get stuck into a space of fear and perhaps even despair. It’s important to allow those feelings flow, but you don’t want to stay stuck.

When I find myself in times of despair and not sure of my future, I try to be gentle with myself. One strategy that I find helps is to intentionally write down things I’m grateful for. Writing down even a few things can get you shifting into a better space. Another strategy is reading inspiration messages and stories.

A friend of mine sent me a link to the Facebook event for the free eBook The 7 Day Guide to Creating Gratitude from “The Letters of Gratitude”. I signed up for the event and I’ve been receiving emails with messages of gratitude and inspiration. I enjoy getting the emails and always look forward the message.

Here’s one of the messages that I really liked. In times of challenge I may forget all the people that support me, but the truth is I am really grateful for all of those who are there for me. I may just temporarily forget it. THANK-YOU!



If you are interested in the eBook, don’t wait to sign up because the book is available starting May 1st and is only available until May 5th. Here’s the link if you’re interested: https://www.facebook.com/events/745221018851601/?ref=5

Do you struggle with gratitude in times of challenge?



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"Top 10 Lessons for the Living" By Suzanne Rivard
"Be the Creative Force of Your Life" by Suzanne Rivard

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