“What’s your Desire Statement?” by Suzanne Rivard

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“Clarity Through Contrast” by Suzanne Rivard

What do you want? Are you focusing on what you don’t want? 

In the last article Clarity Through Contrast you built a list of the things you want. The tool helped you focus on the things you want, rather than don’t want.

Today’s article builds on that list of things you want, your clarity list. Creating a Desire Statement from that list will give it more energy and it will manifest faster.

The benefits of the Desire Statement are:

  • It’s an effective tool for raising your vibration.
  • It allows you to stay focused on what you desire.
  • Remember, the more positive attention and energy you give to your desires, the higher your vibration will be.
  • The higher your vibration, the greater the likelihood that the Law of Attraction will match it by giving you your desires.

Now that you have your clarity list from the last time, you are now going to create your Desire Statement.

If you haven’t built your clarity list, you’ll want to do so first. Go here to get the details: http://suzannerivard.com/blog/2014/02/19/clarity-contrast-suzanne-rivard/

The Desire Statement

There are three parts to the Desire Statement:

  • The opening
  • The body
  • The closing

Get a piece of paper to write down your opening, body statements, and closing.

Opening Statement

“I am in the process of attracting all that I need to be, do, know and have, to attract my ideal [what].” 

Replace [what] with a name or phrase that represents your desire.

Body Statements

The body is where you will write down all the qualities that you want on a particular topic (based on your clarity list).

Take each one of your clarity statements and phrase it into a powerful desire.

Make sure that your statement have no resistance (feel real) and resonate with you fully.

Here are a number of phrases that you can use to express your desire

  • I love knowing that my ideal is….       Or your own believable words
  • I love how it feels when…
  • I’ve decided that….
  • It excites me that….
  • It feels amazing that…

You can add statements as needed or desired, even if they weren’t on your clarity list.

Closing Statement

“The Law of Attraction is unfolding and orchestrating all that needs to happen to bring me my desire.”

Read your entire Desire Statement out loud.

Read it with feeling, feeling it in the heart/body, like it is happening right now from a feeling place.

Take a deep breath, place your dominant hand over your heart and read it out with feeling and conviction.

Ask yourself,

  • “How do I feel now after reading my desire statement?”
  • “What am I willing to do on a daily or weekly basis to raise my vibration and bring this to fruition?”
  • “On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being absolutely committed, where am I right now to creating my desire?”

You can keep adding and refining your Desire Statement as you feel the need or choose to.

How to Use the Desire Statement

Now that you have your desire statement, follow these recommendations:

  • At a minimum read the desire statement 2 times per day.
  • Ideally first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Because this is when your mind is like a sponge. Your brain is in a beta state, and what you focus on is getting ingrained in your subconscious.

Following these recommendations keeps you focused on what you desire and sends out the signal to the Universe.

Now it’s up to you to take action!

So what’s your desire?



© 2014 Suzanne Rivard

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“Clarity Through Contrast” by Suzanne Rivard

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