“The Importance of Relationships” by Suzanne Rivard

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"Starting 2014 with Reflection & Resolutions" by Suzanne Rivard

Connection and relationships with others play vital roles in our lives.

They help bring meaning and a sense of belonging to our lives. They help us contribute to others and feel like we matter; to give and receive love. Without them many feel lost, isolated, alone and have no sense of love in their life. Through them we share the experience of life.

Connections and relationships come in all shapes and sizes. They exist in the form of marriage, family, co-workers, social groups, friendships and even at times an encounter with a complete stranger. A brief connection with someone can have a lifelong impact on us.

How are the relationships in your life? Could they use a little strengthening?

If you sit back and reflect on your relationships, are there some that could be strengthened so that they provide even deeper meaning to your life? Do you need to make amends or forgive someone? Maybe you haven’t connected with a good friend for some time. Why not pick up the phone and give them a call. See how things are going for them.

Are you feeling lonely because you don’t have many meaningful relationships in your life?

Recently I joined a social group to get out and create new connections and relationships in my life. I was feeling disconnected and was isolating myself. It just kind of crept up on me. This can happen without you even being consciously aware of it. We become so involved with all the things we need to do and before you know it you’ve paid little attention to some of the relationships in your life or simply lacking connection with others.

Meeting new people has been such a positive experience. There are so many wonderful people out there just waiting to meet you. You just need to reach out and make the effort. It’s brought joy and much laughter back into my life. I’ve been privileged of making some amazing new friends.

Our relationships help us grow and are often a reflection of who we are, our behavior and interaction in the world. I’ve heard said that the five people we surround ourselves with the most directly influence us. We tend to exude a compilation of their traits.

Who are the people you surround yourself with? Are they positive? Negative? Happy? Sad? Motivated? Lazy? Productive? Ambitious? What are their characteristics? What activities are they involved with?

If you want to behave certain ways or what to achieve things, surround yourself with people who demonstrate these traits. This is what a mentor relationship is.

Throughout your life you will make many connections and share many relationships with people. Some of them will be meaningful and deeply enrich your life, others not so much. Some will be brief and others long lasting. They play an integral part in your life.

Nurture and grow your relationships or create new ones to add deeper meaning and joy to your life!


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Book Launch & Signing
"Starting 2014 with Reflection & Resolutions" by Suzanne Rivard

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