“Starting 2014 with Reflection & Resolutions” by Suzanne Rivard

“The Importance of Relationships” by Suzanne Rivard
"How to Make Your Dreams Come True" by Suzanne Rivard


The holiday season can be a hectic time for many. It’s a wonderful time to connection with family and friends, but can also be a cause for stress. We don’t take the time (or have the time) for ourselves to relish on our life and what we are grateful for.

Did you have the time to reflect on all that you accomplished in 2013? To reflect on things you are grateful for?

If not, don’t worry. With all your holiday commitments behind you, you can take the time now. There’s no time like the present.

I came across a great article with 3 areas to reflect on to celebrate YOU, things you are proud of, your accomplishments, and successes. Taking some time to reflect on these areas can bring deeper happiness and inner peace. Writing down your thoughts helps you focus and connect with your words.

Areas of Reflection:

  • The 5 things you are most proud of this year (remember this isn’t about anyone else’s standards – these are things YOU are proud of!)
  • The 3 biggest things you accomplished.
  • The 3 biggest successes you had this year.

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With the New Year upon us, many set resolutions to make changes, to let go of the past and create a new future.

As you know, most give up part way through. There are endless statistics to support this – like “23% of resolutions are broken in the first week” or “45% or resolutions are broken by the end of the month.”

There are two key ingredients that can help you stick to your resolutions.

The first ingredient is an accountability partner. Someone who can remind you of the changes you have set forth for yourself and ensure that you are staying on track with your desires.

The second ingredient is someone supporting you. Someone there for you when you feel discouraged, letting you know that we all go through bumps on the road, and that’s ok. To let you know that you that your resolutions are still achievable. And if for whatever reason you are not able to meet your resolution, that you are amazing and special nonetheless.

Accountability and support is exactly what a coach provides you. As a coach I can help you break down your resolutions into manageable steps, support you through the rough patches and help you identify where you are getting in your own way. If this sounds appealing to you, a great place to start is by requesting my complimentary Self Discovery Breakthrough Session on my website http://suzannerivard.com.

You may also find my last article focused on “How to Make Your Dreams Come True” helpful to achieve your resolutions.

See the entire article at:

My wish for you is for you to achieve your goals and dreams in 2014!


Create the Life You Want!

Would you like support in making your goals and dreams come true? Let’s talk! Schedule an initial free Self Discovery Breakthrough Session with me today – or pass this offer on to someone you care about!



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“The Importance of Relationships” by Suzanne Rivard
"How to Make Your Dreams Come True" by Suzanne Rivard

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