“What is Your Purpose?” by Suzanne Rivard

"Wabi-Sabi – Embracing The Perfection In Your Imperfections" by Suzanne Rivard
"What Is Coaching?" by Suzanne Rivard

Purpose can be defined to the task at hand or the overall theme in your life. This article focuses on your life purpose. Many words and terms are used to describe life purpose: your motor, drive, passion, inner mojo, and joie de vivre. I like inner mojo.

Over the years I have done lots of personal development. Yet at times, I felt like something was missing. I questioned myself frequently. Why am I here? What do I want to do with my life? How can I make a difference? I have thought about these things a great deal over the last year. I have redefined my inner mojo. I want to reach out and touch as many women as I can, facilitating their healing and growth, so they create more happiness within themselves and their lives.

What’s your inner mojo? What drives you? Why do you get up everyday?

When people struggle to find purpose in their life, they aren’t following their passions or know what their purpose is. They’re at a loss and find it difficult to get up everyday – to find the joy in their life.

Your purpose can change through different aspects and phases of your life, like: childhood, marriage, parenting, work, and retirement. Not everyone has the same life experiences. Your purpose is unique to you and you alone. It’s something that you must determine. It‘s been proven that elderly people with pets live longer. They have a sense of purpose – to love and care for their pet.

Maybe you don’t know your purpose and are still discovering it. Following your passions is a great way to give your life some purpose – a sense of meaning. Passions are things that bring you joy, that drive you. They bring excitement into your life. Focusing on your life vision – what you want your future to be – can also be a tremendous help. It gives you direction to move towards everyday.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Reflect deeply on these questions, they will bring you insights into your purpose.

  1. Who are you living for?
  2. Who do you serve?
  3. How do you touch people?
  4. Why do you exist?
  5. What are you passionate about?
  6. What brings you joy?
  7. How did you make a difference in the world today?
  8. What’s your future vision for your life? For yourself?
  9. What’s your legacy?

Discovering and knowing your purpose brings peace and joy into your life. It gives you a sense of meaning and a reason for living, a cause bigger then yourself, something to look forward to everyday.

So…What’s Your Inner Mojo?



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"Wabi-Sabi – Embracing The Perfection In Your Imperfections" by Suzanne Rivard
"What Is Coaching?" by Suzanne Rivard

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